Why outsource your catering deliveries?


While there are hundreds of restaurants in Los Angeles that offer delivery, there are also hundreds of others that don't. You can consider delivery, then, as a business within your business.


Here is a common list of the reasons why many restaurants think they shouldn’t step into the delivery game:

- The need for additional people on your payroll

- The need to deal with mileage, insurances, parking tickets

- The need to have an adequate number of drivers to deliver on time, but not so many that time is wasted

- The need to dispatch drivers. What would a restaurant do, for instance, if they had only 4 drivers and 10 delivery orders came all at once?


That's why we offer turnkey delivery outsourcing for your restaurant, so you can still be focused on what's important for you. We'll take care of the rest.


What we do


We have a fleet of drivers who can efficiently deliver your caterings. All our drivers are always in uniform, properly trained, and equipped with thermal bags to keep your food hot during delivery.


We utilize state-of-the-art dispatching software combined with GPS devices carried by every one of our drivers, so our dispatchers always know where the driver is, who the closest driver to your restaurant is, and when you require that driver.