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Processing deliveries

Gourmet Runner will send you new delivery orders within the Gourmet Runner app while you are online.




Phase 1: Accepting a Delivery Request 

You’ll be alerted at the top of your screen when a new delivery request becomes available. When the request appears, you will be able to tap Accept if you would like to accept a delivery.


Phase 2: Going to the Pickup Location 

Before you head to the pickup address tap on the order to open a detailed order view and tap Navigate near restaurant’s address, then you’ll be directed to the navigation app of your choice.


Phase 3: Picking Up Orders

When you arrive at the restaurant let them know you’re there and the name or address of the customer you’re picking up for. If the order is not ready please wait patiently.

Once you’ve picked up the order ask for the itemized receipt to count the items and make sure everything is there. If you unsure about the order you can always ask restaurant for help. Please do not open any of the containers.


Phase 4: Completing Pickup and Starting Dropoff 

After you’ve confirmed that you have all of the items in the order, tap Pick Up then tap Navigate near customer’s address to create a route in the navigation app.


Look up for any special instructions about the customer’s drop off location!

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